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About company

Aureus operates on the Polish, European Union and other markets since the year 2004. To meet the continuously changing market expectations and requirements, our company undertakes projects in international trade as well as commerce on the Polish marketplace. We offer services related to wholesale trade and distribution of a wide variety of FMCG products, including world famous A-brands as well as the less known brands of which we are the exclusive representatives on the markets we service. We continuously strive to expand the network of contacts, both internationally and locally. Our goal is to cooperate with an ever-increasing number of Polish and foreign businesses, thereby growing the diversity of our products and services in order to maintain our competitive edge.

Observing the ever changing demands of the marketplace, an increasing competition as well as the downward pressure on price, we introduced a range of high quality products at affordable prices offered exclusively by Aureus. By adapting to the fluctuating conditions of the marketplace we are able to meet the diverse needs of our Polish and international clients. Especially the products exclusive to Aureus meet the highest standards and hence are popular amongst our customer base.

Our offer is addressed to businesses interested in products successfully competing with the well known global brands in the FMCG sector. These items are attractively priced, of high quality and great visual appeal. We intend to stay forward looking and at the forefront of the emerging trends. Our skilled employees and our national and international partners allow for a quick and efficient delivery of goods to satisfy even the most fastidious client. We are a trustworthy partner.